Learn to create your own WordPress website workshop

Learn to create your own WordPress website workshop

The story behind the build your own WordPress workshop

I had been stuck in a rut the last few months, feeling like I didn’t know how I wanted to shift my career but knowing I needed to.I was lost. Feeling overwhelmed and to be honest… defeated. I love my clients, they are amazing and I learn so much from each one, but something just didn’t feel right…something was missing.

So I got clear on what I knew I wanted.

I wanted to help women business owners…

That was always the end goal for me. I have been a serial entrepreneur, multi passionate, whatever you want to call it from the beginning, but helping women grow their business has always been what I was drawn to!

I began to brainstorm, plan, research what I could bring into my business that could bring value to my clients, but nothing felt right. that was until…

I was online one day in one of my facebook groups I saw a comment for a young women business owner struggling to launch her site. Many people tagged their websites offering their paid service. Her response ” I just need someone to teach me”

Isn’t it funny how God presents opportunities or inspiration that you just know in your gut its what you were met to do?

I took inspire action and immediately went to work.

I was inspired to teach women how to build their own website who couldn’t afford to hire me professionally. I wanted to help the former me with each individual who signed up for my workshop. I wanted to feel connected with the students, talk to them, get to know them, have them be able to ask me questions.

This workshop was built in less than a week. Don’t let that fool you. I had spent hours upon hours creating course material that was just sitting there on my computer because the way I was planning to present it didn’t feel right. I felt like at that point a pre-built course just didn’t feel intimate enough.

I had planned to launch a course and a blog series, but something was always taking me off that path every time I got close to launching. I either got distracted with work, experienced tech issues got sick etc…

I knew this path it was right. It felt well with my soul. It lit me up and got me excited.

I designed this workshop to be live so I can interact with my students. I know not everyone is available for the live version so I will make sure they are not only delivered the recorded version to their inbox but, they also get a block of time to talk with me, ask questions, tell me where they need more help.

I wanted to provide them value above all else.

I have never felt more aligned to a service.

If you are interested in learning more click here

Where I Get My Stock Images

Where I Get My Stock Images

Images can make or break your blog or website

Images are so important to your website, blog and social media. Your message is important don’t get me wrong, but readers are drawn into your site by the visuals first.  Your images convey the feeling of your overall site and brand before your message is even read. Think of how you behave on Instagram. You are scrolling, scrolling, and scrolling through many images until an image pops out and makes you stop your scrolling, then what do you do next, you read caption right?

Think of how you behave on Instagram. You are scrolling, scrolling, and scrolling through many images until an image pops out and makes you stop your scrolling. Then what do you do next, you read the caption, right?

Websites are the same way. You have about 5 – 10 seconds to captivate your visitor enough to keep interested. You can do this with the power of images. You don’t have to hire a brand photographer right out of the gate or even struggle with your own images. You can use stock photogphy to give the feel to your brand you are trying to convey without even breaking your iphone or camera out.

Stock Images are great for anyone not ready to add custom images to their brand and social media. Who are new or who are just looking for a quick beautiful image.

There are plenty of amazing places to get stock images!  I use a stock image membership called Haute Chocolate. (Affiliate link)

Membership cost just 99$ every three months! They have over 2,000 images in stock as well as releasing new collections twice a month! Their collection has everything from social media images, canva templates, graphic packs, lifestyle image and so much more!

Ther also will send you a free sample if you sign up for their mailing list here

Do you have a favorite site you purchase stock images from?