Grow Your Blog with Instagram | Emily Crawford | Why Hello Beauty

Grow Your Blog with Instagram | Emily Crawford | Why Hello Beauty

Hello I am Emily Crawford of @whyhellobeauty & @thesocialblogger

With 16.6k Instagram followers on my beauty + lifestyle blog, I decided to

share all my Instagram knowledge on my new platform, The-Social- to assist aspiring

beauty bloggers to build their own beauty blog with Instagram! But I also believe that my knowledge

is transferrable into any niche or industry, so I want to share a handful of tips blow!

Interested in growing your business or blog with Instagram? You’re in the right place! By growing

your social media presence + profile, you can in turn grow your blog or business by following the

below steps;





Capture your audience quickly by nailing your bio. Keep it matter of fact yet witty, add as much

detail as you can about who you are – within the 150 character limit! – and if you are a user, add in

your Snapchat details. Scroll through winning Instagram accounts and look at their bios to

brainstorm ideas for your own! I’ve popped mine below for reference;

Emily Crawford

Beauty + Lifestyle Blogger | TAS AUS

A coffee & lip balm addict | Forever wanting a massage + manicure

Snapchat: emily_tassss



Curate your feed and have intention behind each image upload; this combination is key to increasing

your followers. Take some time to think about your ideal Instagram newsfeed. What does it look

like? Is it bright pastels with lots of white images thrown in? Edgy black and white? Bold & tough

colors? What are your favourite insta-people doing that hits the right spot for you and their

followers? Use that inspiration and once you know what you’re going for, start implementing it.

Once you do this, your feed will be much more alluring and you’ll notice more people will be

pressing the green FOLLOW button.

Ooo – don’t forget to edit photos to give your feed cohesion with apps like SnapSeed or VSCO Cam



Simply like similar images to yours, follow those who inspire you and genuinely comment as you

would in real life, this is the key to building your followers. Spend as much time as you can on

Instagram, say 45 minutes a day (if that’s possible) doing the above and reaching new people. You

don’t have to do it all at once either. Get involved at different times of the day, spending 5 or 10

minutes here and there. This gives you access to different influencers time zones and means you can

work out peak posting times.

Remember to think outside the box and take the following into consideration: We beauty bloggers

typically posts makeup flatlays and say handbags, quotes and pretty sunsets. But, we also love stylish

and on trend accessories, inspirational books and magazines, candles, interior design, fashion – the

list goes on!


Flatlays are everywhere right now and creating incredible images is actually so easy! If you’re just

starting out, all you’ll need is a smart phone + a piece of a4 paper. Just place your products on the

paper in various ways and start playing around! Experiment with different angles (think bird eye

view or up+close 3d views) and lighting. Natural light is always best and avoid taking photos in the

evening, the day time provides much clearer and crisp images. *Allow lots of time for the perfect

flatlay #yourewelcome!



If you post an image of a lipstick then make sure you tag the brand in the caption + within the image

and also use their hashtag. By putting a little extra effort into your images you will see a huge return

when a brand #regrams your work with their audience. And who knows, gaining the interest of a

brand/company opens up the potential for you OR them to reach out and discuss future collabs –

the world is your oyster!


If someone has taken the time to comment on an image of yours, ensure you reply! Building

relationships and engagement on your instagram are the key to building your digital presence and

replying to notifications and messages warmly and sincerely are such a great way to do this!

I hope you have found this guide useful and if you’re a beauty blogger looking to grow their blog

with Instagram, take a peek at the-social- for my exclusive debut ebook! I also blog over so I’ll catch you somewhere in this wonderful digital world!

XO | emily