Let’s chat today about stepping up your social media outreach. It can be very overwhelming to get the message across and stand out among the millions of postings everyday. There are several factors how to stand out but, the biggest one is your IMAGE!

Stock images are expensive and tiresome trying to find one that fits your needs. So why aren’t you making your own?

Oh your not a designer and designers charge and your on a budget- I gotcha ya.

That’s where this gem comes into play | one word | CANVA

I’m not getting paid to post but they are more then welcome to send their cash my way if they are feeling generous 😉

Canva is a free design platform packed full with marketing templates ,images, layouts, text, and all that amazing stuff you need!

Tutorial Time!

Step 1: Go to Canva now. I mean it you wont regret it… pinky swear.

You can sign up for free. No free trial to mess around with.


Step 2: Choose your desired template. There are loads to choose from but I’m keeping it simple and going with the plane jane social media 800 x 800 px


Step 3: Let’s design!

There are premade options (some layouts, images, font are an extra cost but there are plenty of free options to use)


Step 5: Choose your background and font.

step3 step4

I used a nice muted green/blue background and found that the bedtimes font selection was the most appealing for this project. Get creative here and have fun with your design!

Step 6: Customize you text, color, and sizing. Once your done its time to save and download (I suggest downloading in PNG format for high quality)


That’s all there is to it! Let me know what you think of canva and fell free to show me your designs!