Step 1 | Host your Wordpress Website.

Hey guys, welcome to the first step of starting your own WordPress blog or website!  I know It can seem overwhelming, but I am here to break each step down. WordPress is a self-hosted platform which means you have to purchase your hosting separately. Don’t worry this is not anywhere near as hard as I once thought it would be It actually one of the easiest steps!

Why do you need hosting?

So hosting is kind of like a brick and mortar store in your local town. You will need to lease the building to house your business right? So hosting is like your rented or leased space online for your website or blog. You need to rent the space online just like you would rent an office or storefront space if you had a brick and mortar store.

How do I choose a hosting provider?

This blog post contains affiliate links. You will not be charged for using them but I will be compensated if you choose to use my link 🙂 All recommendation is from my own experiences and I test and use each product or service I recommend to make sure they are upstanding in my own opinion.

I recommend a Hosting provider called SiteGround. I use SiteGround with all of my clients. The reason I have partnered with them is first and for most, their customer service is the best around!  With SiteGround you will pay and an annual fee of around $80.00 which is a standard price among hosting providers, They offer domain purchasing and transferring as well.

Why do I need a domain?

So we covered that hosting is the rented space online just like a building lease for a brick and mortar. Well, the domain is the address to your rented space so your customer or readers can find you. Just like typing and address in your GPS  your readers will type your to have them directed to your blog or website. You will need to purchase a domain name if you have not done so yet.

How to setup your WordPress hosting and domain.

Below is a short video tutorial on how to set up your hosting with SiteGround. You can begin here when you are ready!